Welcome to SaddleBrooke Club Store - Your Source for SaddleBrooke PIckleball Apparel, Hats, Mugs and More!

SaddleBrooke Club Store Open For Business

Hello SaddleBrooke Neighbors!  Welcome to the all new SaddleBrooke Club Store, SaddleBrooke Pickleball Association, Inc's online apparel and accessories shop.  We're now officially open for business.

This past February our club President, Peter Giljohann, came to me with an idea.  "What if we were to able to offer our club members the ability to shop online for SPA shirts and other things", he said.  "Is that possible?"

For some odd reason, these words came out of my mouth: "Sure, Pete, I know we can do that.  And, I think it'll be pretty easy to set up."  

Well, that was 7 months ago.  We've been working on this site ever since.  And, the truth is, I had no idea how much we had to learn and how many different people and volunteer hours it actually takes to get something like this going. 

I would like to thank Pete Giljohann for his vision and support.  The SPA Board for their help with the back end business details.  Shawne Cryderman and Jim Schlote with the fundraising committee have been awesome team mates helping with decision making, design and product choices.  Gary Stevens, Dale Leman and Steve Jacobs for their financial and technical support.  Nancy Dowell for helping out by adding Blog content.  And, of course, my beautiful wife Annette for all her help and patience.

The store is a work in progress.  So, please be a bit patient with us.  If something doesn't work right, let us know using the contact form tab in the homepage menu.  If you want a particular design on a different piece of apparel, let us know that too. Any feedback on product quality or any other way we can improve your experience is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you so much for visiting the SaddleBrooke Club Store.  C'ya on the courts.